Weddings and Showers


Weddings, Showers and Other Special Events

Looking to make your wedding reception unique and memorable? Donut Central can provide the flare you are looking for to your reception or shower's desert table! 


A Variety to Fit Your Needs

At Donut Central, we can provide your wedding day with delicious and unique treats like no one else can. Feel free to choose from any of our regularly offered donuts or if you have something special in mind, we can provide custom designs and flavors to your liking. 


Stress-Free Delivery and Set Up

At Donut Central, we know how much planning and energy it takes to plan a wedding. That's why we conveniently offer delivery of your wedding donuts to the reception site and optional set up and displaying. 


Complimentary Tasting

Not sure which donuts you would like at your wedding? We offer a complimentary tasting to our wedding and shower clients so that they can experience the donuts prior to the wedding. 

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